Welcome to Public Relations!
Late June
Transfer ownership of listserve, email passwords, etc.

Update website
1. Post applications for 2007-08
Create and maintain current delegation member contact list and listserve

Sept 23
Send out emails after selection process
1. Email to those chosen with date of first meeting and date to accept offer.
2. Separate email to alternates.
3. Separate email to those not accepted.

Oct 4
Added new members to the HHP list
Sent email to alums at the same time asking if they wanted to be transferred to the Alumni list or removed
Coordinate professor recruitment

Laptop drive

Feb 22
Donation Drive
1. Request bins to be put out from SIC office.
2. Put up signs on bins.
3. Send out email through Hastings Weekly.
4. Sift through items. Donate items we don't need or can't fit to GAAP or other student groups and local charities.

Here's the email sent to student body:
WHO: The Hastings to Haiti Partnership (HHP) and all our supporters
WHAT: HHP is collecting the following for our trip to Haiti over spring break
1. MEDICAL: Many people are in dire conditions in Haiti, but there are no supplies to alleviate their suffering. We're hoping to bring anything from pain relievers to bandages. All medicine should be unexpired.
2. ART: We are meeting with a library that focuses on art and literature and hope to help in their efforts!
3. CLOTHING: we are looking for SUMMER clothing, in particular for children. Please do not use this as an opportunity to dump out your closet. NO SHOES.
4. BOOKS IN FRENCH: If you happen to have books in French that you no longer need, please drop them off!
WHEN: Today until next Tuesday, March 4th
WHERE: Blue bins in lobbies of the 100 and 200 buildings
Feb 25
Mailed Alumni newsletter
1. Drafted article updating alumni on Haiti/HHP for newsletter(Blaine)
2. Coordinated with alumni in charge to pick up color copies.
3. Began collecting alumni street addresses (see alumni info page) and printed labels.
4. Put on labels and postage and put in mail.
5. Sent electronic version to HHPAlum listserve b/c many street addresses are still missing.
Coordinate publicity for ALL events
1. Flyers (SIC dropping and posting if necessary)
2. Room chalking
3. Hastings weekly (both electronic and published)
4. Web-posting if community event
Maintain website

Maintain alumni contact list and listserve

Keep alums informed of HHP activities

Answer emails sent to HHP gmail account
Username: hastings to haiti
Password: ask team leader
Work with fundraising campaign to coordinate outreach to lawfirms