Welcome to Fundraising and Management!

I've put together a list of fundraising ideas that are applicable to any nonprofit, not just to Hastings-to-Haiti. I hope you'll join me in adding to it and adapting it for the future. It's at http://hastingstohaiti.wikispaces.com/Fundraising+brainstorm

This is one draft for a thank-you card to donors; so far, I've mostly been using store-bought cards, but a color print-out like this (perhaps with a different photo) could be nice if people make an "honor gift" donation, as a present for someone else.

Sample Thank You Note

This page could also be a good place for people to upload their receipts for donations that have been made by Hastings-to-Haiti Partnership fund-raising efforts for relief work in Haiti. Here is one:
HHP donation receipt.doc

Here is a proposed annual fundraising timeline, based on previous years' experience:
Sept 14
Turn in Fall ASUCH budget request
1. Determine how much money we need.
2. Attach documentation proving necessity.
Oct 1
Turn in Fall travel fund request
Here's the request Blaine submitted Fall 2007:

Plan Mr. Smith's fundraiser
1. Call venue and set up date
2. Coordinated prizes for costume contest.
3. Flyers/publicity

Host BOB
Submit request to ASUCH.
*We didn't do this. Not sure if it's something the group would want to do in the future.
Bake sale
This only raised about $120 this year, which is NOT worth it. Unless you're going to do a crazy all out sale, then focus on other ways of raising $.
1. Reserve table.
2. Coordinate baking.
3. Create sign-up sheet for time slots.
4. Make (or find an old) a poster.

Coordinate fundraising from alumni and community (big event?)
Alumni are drafting a news letter that will be mailed out in January/February 2008.

Coordinate brown bags with law firms
Here is a draft of the fundraising letter:

Send email to family/friends.
Here is a draft of an email:

Submit Spring ASUCH budget request

Feb 29
Submitted Grant Proposal to the Stanford Public Interest Law Foundation
Here's a copy of the grant:
Unfortunately we were denied, but there's no harm in applying again and hopefully with the support of someone connected to Stanford.
Feb 29
Hosted Faculty Brown Bag co-Sponsored by the Academic Dean's Office
1. Passed out paper invitations to all faculty that HHP members have connection to. Here's the insert we put inside the invites.

2. Program for the event (special importance b/c anniversary of Aristide's kidnapping):
Here's a copy of Teddy's Haitian History in 3 minutes or less:

3. Sent this email via the Academic Dean's Office to all faculty/staff

April 14
Submit Travel Funds Reimbursement
Deadline is 30 days from the date you return. Forms are available on Fiscal's website and are turned in to Flor Mesquita in Student Services
April 18
Deadline to submit reimbursement request to ASUCH
Make sure you save receipts and get this in on time. Forms are generally available in the Treasurer's SIC folder.

Submit deposits to Fiscal Services and donations to College Relations

Submit reimbursement requests to ASUCH
The reimbursement forms are generally hard copies found in the ASUCH treasurer's SIC folder. This year, the spring deadline was April 18th.

You will need:
1) The person being reimbursed to sign.
2) Original receipts.