Faculty Participation

This page is intended to track faculty participation to plan for future trips. Unless otherwise noted, it is assumed that Karen Musalo and Richard Boswell attended!

Here is the faculty policy document:

David Takacs (climate change presentation)
Kate Bloch (criminal clinic simulation)
Rory K. Little (criminal clinic simulation)

*2010 (*The following faculty have expressed interest)
Jan Jemison (she was meant to go in 2009, but had to cancel for personal reasons)
Shauna Marshall (and her husband?)
Naomi Roht-Arriaza

Hadar Aviram (Stanford prison experience, sociology of criminology)
Kate Bloch (criminal clinic simulation)
Heather Field (US tax policy as applied to international transactions)
Kim Seelinger (criminal clinic simulation

Chris Knowlton (negotiation and mediation)
Steve Akeson (Prof Knowlton's husband/IT master)

Jan Jemison (community economic development and non-profit orgs)