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  1. Budget Requests/Fundraising
  2. Fall Symposium/Haitian Visit
  3. Haitian Law
  4. Report Back
  5. Selection Process
  6. Spring Seminar
  7. Trip Documents

Budget Requests/Fundraising

Fall Symposium/Haitian Visit

Haitian Law

Report Back

The power point files are too big, so they are saved on the googlegroups page instead.

Selection Process

Spring Seminar

Week 0: Creole

The audio lessons are too big to upload here; they are available on the westlaw TWEN page

Week 1: Historical Background

Week 2: Ira Kurzban - Transition to Democracy

Week 3: Brian Concannon - Haiti's Justice System

Week 4: Nadege Clitandre - African Diaspora

Week 5: Athena Kolbe - Violence in the Aftermath of the 2004 coup d'etat

[[file:2004 coup d'etat (interview w: Aristide).pdf]]

Week 6: Michelle Karshan - Criminal Deportees/US Immigration Policy

Miscellaneous Readings
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[[file:Giving the Devil ("Toto Constant") His Due.pdf]]

Trip Documents