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Task Completed
Late June
Submit materials to Student Services for 1L welcome packets.
You will receive instructions at the student leader meeting at end of year.

Aug 5
Send info to Disorientation coordinator re: HHP for program.

Aug 14
Attend Disorientation
1.You will need to prepare a 60 second blurb re: HHP
2. Also, put in a plug for the first informational meeting.
Aug 31
Host informational meeting
1. Reserve room
2. Coordinate publicity w/ public relations sub-committee.
3. Have applications ready as well as sign up sheet (week of).
4. Coordinate with media services for DVD.

Sept 2
Attend student activity fair
1. Sign up at student leader meeting.
2. Bring applications and info sheets
Sept 10
Applications due to HHP SIC folder
Make sure you pick up and remove from folder to safe place.
Sept 18
Coordinate selection process meeting
1. Reserve room
2. Make pdf of all applications (w/o cover page including the name) and email to HHP members/ faculty advisers in advance.
3. Order pizza or coordinate other food.
Oct 13
Sub-committee first met to draft agenda for remaining Fall meetings, decide on books for winter break for group to vote on, and put together tentative syllabus for the Spring.

Fall/Winter Break
Send emails to speakers for the Spring seminar
Here's a list of potential speakers, their contact information, and area of expertise:

Fall/Winter Break
Finalize syllabus and course reader
1. Final syllabus:
2. Course reader cover page:
Coordinate all meetings
1. Set the agenda and assign facilitators
2. Get food if you like
3. Buy water bottle for speakers
4. Send thank you note to speakers
Feb 29, 2008
Circulated a petition regarding Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine
Here's the petition we will bring to Haiti:
March 26, 2008
Set up meetings with administration re: Fall trip.
Meetings tentatively scheduled for:

Mon April 7 at 3:30p.m. - Mtg with Dean Newton in her office
Tues April 15 at 3:40p.m. - Mtg with Joel Paul in his office
Tues April 15 at 6:30p.m. - Mtg with Shauna Marshall after my class with her in the CJC
Wed April 16 at 2:30p.m. - Mtg with library staff
March 26, 2008
Sent email to Fr Jomanas re: trip
Here is our email exchange, looks like last week of October/first week of November is the best time for them to come: